The Facilities at Prairie Lane Farm

Each venue at the Farm is available to all boarders at any time, with one exception: If it is in use for lessons or instruction, access to that venue must be approved by the Instructor. There is always a safety issue when beginning riders are in close contact with seasoned riders.

Venues available include:

Lockers for Boarders

The Farm provides one locker per boarder, regardless of the number of horses the boarder may have. Western lockers do not include a method of securing western saddles.  
As a matter of policy, The Farm is not responsible for any missing items, saddles or tack contained in or around lockers. Additionally, locker rooms may not be used for show trunks or excess tack which won’t fit inside the lockers—with one exception: Washed and cleaned horse blankets in heavy clear plastic bags may be kept on top of the locker or in the separate blanket room. Those must be marked with the owner’s name and placed in the room by Judy.

Trailer Storage for Boarders

The Farm has space for Boarders’ trailers which cannot be kept at home. There is a $20 fee per month for either bumper pull or large goosenecks. The Farm keeps a record of the serial number and what brand, class and variety of trailers are kept on the premises. However, again as policy, The Farm accepts no liability for any damage or theft of trailers or any contents while stored here.